Eyes, play a big part…

Did you know your eyes play a big part in how much you eat? Our Weight Loss Camp learned Friday how big a part they take.

We covered three major roles our eyes play:
1.) Size matters: Our eyes tell our mind whether something appears to be large, small and so forth. If we place our dinner on a large plate and then put the same amount of dinner on a small plate, which plate would appear to have more food? The smaller plate. It is best we place our meals, drinks and dessert in smaller dishes. This gives us the perception that we are in fact getting more. We then will feel more satisfied, even if in fact we are not getting as much food. We still feel good about it.

Which has more?

2.) Variety is on the dark side: When variety increases, people eat more. Having a variety of food makes us think we will enjoy the food more. Think about being at an ice cream shop where we can choose between a variety of flavors. How often do we just choose one flavor or nothing to mix into our ice cream? We like variety. One study showed that when people were offered three different types of ice cream, they ate as much as 300% more than when they offered only one type.

One scoop of each please!

3.) Looks good, tastes good: People consider appearance more than taste when deciding how much food is worth and whether or not it is worthy of consuming. The more appealing food looks, the more delicious you think it is.

Fancy, so it must be good!

Other than the look of food, what other factors affect your opinion of food? Becoming more aware of your emotions and what affects how much you eat is important.

Remember, measuring your portions can be an accurate way of consuming the right amount of food for weight control. Be conscientious of how your eyes affect how much you consume.

Do I spy chocolate cake?

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2 Responses to Eyes, play a big part…

  1. kathy says:

    A nice table setting adds to the feeling of a satisfied meal for me. It turns an otherwise rushed task into a relaxed time – even if the meal is just a few minutes long. Associating food with relaxation and calm helps me control portion size too – because I eat slower within those few minutes. So I have discovered that I don’t always need more time – I just need to approach those few minutes differently.

    • jentri2bfit says:

      Nice Kathy! I totally agree. It’s the same with getting home and eating at your counter. Taking the few minutes to sit at the table and relax makes a big difference.

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