Can Your Eating Schedule Effect Your Weight Loss?

If two people eat the same amount of calories from the same amount of food, who is going to look better; the one who skips meals and  eats the majority of their calories in one sitting, or the one who eats throughout the day?  Answer: the one who eats throughout the day.

When we skip meals our body goes into a calorie deficit, or a starvation mode.  When this occurs, our body will reserve the fat stores and use muscle glycogen stores as fuel.  So the idea of skipping meals to lose more weight is true in the sense that you are losing muscle mass and not fat.  To avoid this common diet fallacy, it is good to review your daily eating patterns as far as when do you eat and how much.  To lose the most amount of weight, eating more at the beginning of the day and less at the end will help your body burn more fat and less muscle.  Your body will also have more energy for the day’s needs and this eating schedule can even help with health benefits such as lowering cholesterol.  Many diets try and make the weight loss goal more complicated than what it is by adding strict rules to meal times and food variety.  Maybe for some this will work, but not everyone loses weight in the same fashion.  Take the next couple of days to review your eating schedule, make the necessary changes, and see if your day and your waist line improve by re-organizing your calorie intake.

About jdburto1

I am a Exercise and Wellness Student at ASU
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