Life is Like Riding a Bicycle

Life is like riding a bicycle

I love this quote by Albert Einstein!

The Gearing Up For Summer Weight Loss Challenge is past the half-way point! How is your focus? How are your goals? Have you hit any bumps in the road? Perhaps it’s time to regroup, refocus and get moving?

A few days ago I made a comment about how I tend to eat the same things throughout the week because it is easier – I don’t have to try to figure out new recipes, ingredients, servings, and so forth. Kelly responded that it’s fine –  IF IT’S WORKING. My initial thought was that it is going ok. Over the next couple days I really took a look at my eating patterns and the nutritional content of what I’m eating. I would say that I have a pretty “healthy” eating regimen, overall, but did I really analyze it? No – at least not much beyond the protein, fat & carbs percentages for the day. I knew I ate a lot of veggies and what I would consider high quality protein & carbs. I figured that was good enough. Also, has anyone else noticed that the definition of “healthy” seems to vary from person to person?

If you are using My Fitness Pal to track your eating then you have access to some general reports of your nutritional stats. I decided to look more closely at mine and some deficiencies were obvious. For example – I am almost always low in iron and calcium. I haven’t been concerned about this because I’m not anemic and I think my bones seem pretty sturdy, Ha! Still, a frank look at what I am choosing made me realize I could shift my focus a little bit.  Some of my carbs have become less complex (translation – I’ve started eating a lot of bread – not that bread’s bad, it’s just not the best choice for me.) I have decided that it’s time to get back to “Is this the best fuel I can offer my body?” and bread just isn’t the best fuel! So I’m focusing on other carb options right now – particularly veggies & fruit, which also add a nice nutrient boost. This also serves as a good reminder when I’m looking for a treat – what nutritional value is that really offering me? It has helped me choose watermelon over ice cream. Perhaps that won’t be the swap you choose, but for me it’s great!

So I ask you – is your plan working? Are you willing to look at what you are currently doing and consider some changes? Let’s keep moving!

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2 Responses to Life is Like Riding a Bicycle

  1. Leann Shelley says:

    shauna, I like your post. We will see if it is working soon when we do the bod pods. Leann

  2. Shauna says:

    You’re right Leann – the bod pod is a great tool for seeing what’s working and what could use a little focusing! Looking forward to seeing you!

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