About Tri 2 B Fit

Tri 2 B Fit is a weight-loss, sports psychology and endurance personal training center in Mesa, Arizona. 

It isn’t about the big things, it is about getting you on a path to make small changes that impact your life.  Sustainability is what we promote in diet, fitness and lifestyle.  Working through the psychology of various barriers to reach new fitness goals.  Putting all things together to perform better on race day.  Whether you need to lose weight, improve your general health or want to train for an endurance event, we will design a customized fitness program specifically to suit your lifestyle, goals and expectations.

"Power-up" class at Tri 2 B Fit

The atmosphere at Tri 2 B Fit is warm and welcoming to all.  We focus on customized personal training so you will work out in an intimate venue that is comfortable and private. We believe that reaching small goals together is another way to provide support as a team to you.  Above is pictured a number of clients and the Tri 2 B Fit team who ran a race together.  Some of the clients reached a personal goal of completing their first 5K race! 

Why wait another day.  Let us help you make the most of your life by getting you feeling your best and creating that healthy lifestyle you have been looking for! 

We can help you start the healthy chapter in your life!

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