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I own a business called Tri 2 B Fit in Mesa, AZ. I hobbled through Ironman Arizona and recently signed up for Ironman Lake Placid. I have been struggling to return from an injury due to major compensation patterns. In the past two years, I have learned a ton about the body and the power of the mind. The journey has made me a much better Sports Psychology Consultant and Kinesiologist.

Tri Updates

Hello everyone, Well it has been some time since I have blogged. Lots of good and exciting things happening at Tri these days. After teaching Sports Psychology at Arizona State last fall, I decided to recommit myself to develop the … Continue reading

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“A” Mountain Hike

Tri 2 B Fit had its first outing in quite some time. Josh nicely gathered people to support Lisa B. in her goal to climb “A ” Mountain. She rocked it and realized how far she has come since she … Continue reading

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Back with Blogging!!!

Well we have been very busy at Tri helping our clients achieve their goals but we get a C- or maybe even an F this last month on our blog postings! This is about to change. We decided as a staff … Continue reading

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What is the Real Calorie Count!

  This video is from 2006 but it touches on a topic that I think is very important for all of us that are trying to be more aware of what goes into our bodies. This is a great video … Continue reading

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Great Article from Runner’s World

This is a condensed article taken from the April issue of Runner’s World and was written by Sarah Lorge Butler. She talks about 8 Weight Loss tips from the book “Run Your Butt Off” by Leslie Bonci, M.P.H., R.D. I think … Continue reading

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Bodily Issues!

Which one do you look like? Well, I am finally back on the workout wagon. It has been quite some layoff since Ironman Lake Placid and somehow I feel tighter than I did in July. Inactivity doesn’t sit well with … Continue reading

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Remembering What is Important!

The past twenty-four hours has been one of sadness, prayer and self-reflection.  My thoughts and condolences go out to all those involved in the shooting in Tucson. A senseless incidence such as this should remind us how fragile life can be … Continue reading

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Ironman Arizona 2011

Well somehow I took the plunge again. Now many of you who followed my journey to Lake Placid blog are most likely thinking that I have lost my mind. The reality is that I didn’t fully make up my mind … Continue reading

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How Many Calories????

In my post Ironman quest to not gain weight, I decided to record my caloric intake to see where I could shave some calories! As I saw on the printout that I was having 100 calories in 2 cups of … Continue reading

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Input from You!!

As you know, it has been some time since I blogged last. I have, however, resolved my issue with the Tri 2 B Fit blog. I tried to keep it more work related and while that is good, without a … Continue reading

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