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Life is Like Riding a Bicycle

I love this quote by Albert Einstein! The Gearing Up For Summer Weight Loss Challenge is past the half-way point! How is your focus? How are your goals? Have you hit any bumps in the road? Perhaps it’s time to … Continue reading

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Looking for a new salad?

Checking in on those in the Weight Loss Challenge – how is your week going? Today would be a good day for a quick review of your goals and how the week has gone! I’ve been hearing a lot about … Continue reading

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How Many Calories????

In my post Ironman quest to not gain weight, I decided to record my caloric intake to see where I could shave some calories! As I saw on the printout that I was having 100 calories in 2 cups of … Continue reading

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The Twix Bar

It’s been a long time since I had the now infamous conversation with Kelly about eating a Twix Bar.  If you haven’t heard the story it happened during one of my first personal training sessions at Tri 2 B Fit.  I … Continue reading

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Not Exactly The Ball I Had In Mind

  Well there was progress in adding another ball to my basket but not exactly what I had in mind!!! It was 80’s night in celebration of Lisa’s success at Tri 2 B Fit. She was the winner of the … Continue reading

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Obesity Rate in AZ.

The CDC just released a very disturbing report: A report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a quarter of Arizona’s adult population is obese. The report, released earlier this month, estimated that 25.5 percent of Arizonans … Continue reading

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