Client Shout Out!

About two and half months ago, Dee Burton re-joined Tri 2B Fit with a goal to increase overall muscle strength in order to confidently waterski during the Summer Lake Powell trip of July 2011.  I am pleased to announce that last week the goal was achieved and limits were erased.  Dee felt that he was able to get out of the water with ease, had the strength to stay up, felt stable across the water, and most of all, had fun waterskiing like a champ! I am also pleased to share that not only did Dee waterski, but while on his waterskis, he was  jumping the wake and making hard cuts to really push the speed; he was waterskiing with style.  Dee, congratulations for completing your goal! The sweet feeling of success from accomplishing personal goals is the best motivator to fuel future goals and desires, keep up the great work!

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Eyes, play a big part…

Did you know your eyes play a big part in how much you eat? Our Weight Loss Camp learned Friday how big a part they take.

We covered three major roles our eyes play:
1.) Size matters: Our eyes tell our mind whether something appears to be large, small and so forth. If we place our dinner on a large plate and then put the same amount of dinner on a small plate, which plate would appear to have more food? The smaller plate. It is best we place our meals, drinks and dessert in smaller dishes. This gives us the perception that we are in fact getting more. We then will feel more satisfied, even if in fact we are not getting as much food. We still feel good about it.

Which has more?

2.) Variety is on the dark side: When variety increases, people eat more. Having a variety of food makes us think we will enjoy the food more. Think about being at an ice cream shop where we can choose between a variety of flavors. How often do we just choose one flavor or nothing to mix into our ice cream? We like variety. One study showed that when people were offered three different types of ice cream, they ate as much as 300% more than when they offered only one type.

One scoop of each please!

3.) Looks good, tastes good: People consider appearance more than taste when deciding how much food is worth and whether or not it is worthy of consuming. The more appealing food looks, the more delicious you think it is.

Fancy, so it must be good!

Other than the look of food, what other factors affect your opinion of food? Becoming more aware of your emotions and what affects how much you eat is important.

Remember, measuring your portions can be an accurate way of consuming the right amount of food for weight control. Be conscientious of how your eyes affect how much you consume.

Do I spy chocolate cake?

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Can I get a Woot Woot?

Weight Loss Camp is rocking! This class is growing with 6 people as of this Friday July 8th and the people in my camp are progressing into healthier lifestyles.

This is for you Penny!

Whether they are finding ways not to emotionally eat, finding a happier place in their life to go to when the world seems to be crashing down or they are taking an initiative to be good to themselves week by week; it is happening!

You guys Rock!

I am excited to teach such an awesome camp and to help those better help themselves. The campers have also created a great atmosphere amongst themselves and are the kind of people you want to be around!

Perhaps I am missing my campers since we all had a nice vacation break, but I would like to give a shout out to them all for making positive changes!

Woot Woot!


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Check it out!

Hello everyone! This past month or so, the survivor class that is taught every Wednesday nights has really started to grow and gain some personality.  From throwing medicine balls, competing in core workout contests, and listening to great music, survivor is the place to be for a midweek workout!

During the survivor class, we complete a core, upper body, lower body, and cardio circuit to make sure the WHOLE body is getting a good workout.  Some days we will focus more on a particular muscle group depending on what the class needs and on other days, we will throw in some cross fit circuits to test the stamina and strength we have been building up.  The circuits are set at a moderate intensity level to allow a variety of people to join so if you don’t want to come alone, bring your friends!

Like I said before, if you are looking for a good workout, with great people, and a little competition, come join us Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm! You’ll love it!

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Real Heros

I would like to bring to your attention the progress that is happening in Jen’s weight loss camp on Friday nights.  I was able to teach the class this past Friday and was very impressed with the amount of preparation and knowledge that is put into this class in order for it to be a success.  If anyone is looking for a team of people to help push you to improve your lifestyle and achieve your goals, this is the class for you!

I would also like to take a moment and congratulate all who attend the camp.  While I was teaching the class Friday night, I am confident in saying that I learned more than those participating.  Those who are focused and determined to make such a lifestyle change, are those whom I envy and appreciate.  Thank you for your determination and setting the bar for all others who are working to meet their goals, you are truly real heroes.  Keep up the great work and come have a great experience Friday night!

“It is important to remember that a desire cannot be considered a goal until you are willing to commit yourself and resolve to do everything in your power to achieve the goal.”  Grant Von Harrison

Josh Burton

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I Can’t Get No…Satisfaction!

Alright, I might not sing like Mick Jagger, but I did get your attention. Good thing you can’t hear me! If I could photo shop a picture of me with big lips I totally would!

We all strive for satisfaction, just as we do success and happiness. I’ve learned lately satisfaction can be increased when we feel productive and organized. Would you not agree?

I recently read an article on how energy management and productivity can boost your life satisfaction. It starts with time management… and in theory sounds good! I have always hated the term time management! Perhaps it’s because I have not always excelled in that particular area. Besides that, I am digging the new term energy management!

It means that regardless of whether we manage our time wisely, if we don’t know how to manage our levels of energy efficiently; we will fail either way. Basically stating there is more to productivity than just managing 24 hours a day efficiently. If this were the case, we would never feel overbooked, overwhelmed and under-productive. True be told, we do.

Here are just a few examples on helping you with your energy management:

1. Establish your “flow” times.

There is a certain time of day, when our energy and productivity is at its peak. For example, your “flow” time may be completely different from mine, but it is important that you learn it and organize tasks that you need to accomplish based on the level of energy that you have.

2. Save energy, rather than spending it.

One of the simplest ways to increase your levels of energy is to shift your mental focus inwards. We often ignore our own emotions, thoughts and well-being, while paying attention to everything that is going on around us. There are simply too many distractions (phone calls, email pop-ups, colorful adds, flashing lights, etc…) out there, fighting for our attention and draining our mental energy.

3. Focus on just one task at a time.

As much as it bothers me to admit it, the more stuff we accumulate on our to-do lists (ahhh cough cough… Kelly!…cough), the more frazzled and unproductive we tend to become. When we are trying to focus on several tasks at once, most of our energy goes on switching between these tasks, worrying and trying to decide what to do next. Focus your energy on just one task at a time and stick to it until you get it done. Just following this one tip is guaranteed to double your productivity.

Think, satisfaction! Think, energy management.

Have a good week!


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Summer Sports Camp!

Our summer sports camp is going well. The campers love working on their foot speed, agility, and mostly their vertical. They are enjoying it and really working hard to let what we do in here translate to the volleyball court. We are excited with how they are responding to our sessions, especially with the sports psychology piece Kelly has been doing with them! We are looking forward to see how the next 2 weeks turn out. Keep up the awesome work kids!

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